UK approved mobile network signal booster installation

The world of mobile signal boosters is a difficult one to navigate. On the surface it looks like there are numerous options, but dig a little deeper and you’ll find that there is only one company producing mobile network signal boosters that you can use safely.

That’s because there’s only one company producing equipment which does not disrupt other signals in the area – and that homeowners and businesses are legally allowed to use. Not surprisingly, this is the only company we will work with.

Importantly, Network Booster is not an ecommerce website – we do not sell mobile signal boosting equipment on its own – we are a company with a heritage in quality electrical engineering that has partnered with a market-leading network boosting equipment manufacturer to install signal clarity solutions for hotel, home, office, warehouse and public sector clients. The planning, design, wiring and making good on site is included to ensure that you get the full solution you need for your building.

Our team of qualified electricians are approved by the NICEIC, fully insured, and have spent the last nine years working for commercial and domestic clients on all manner of fully guaranteed electrical work, from design and layout to installation, wiring, project management and maintenance.

In the world of mobile network signal boosters there is no more complete solution

Up to 1,000x signal booster for any mobile network

Equipment used meets the requirements of SI 2018/399

Fully guaranteed and insured installation

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