Biala Synagogue, Stamford Hill, London


Located in a quiet suburban corner of Stamford Hill is the 300-seat Biala synagogue. With its multiple halls and splendidly ornate interior it draws in many from the local community for services and all manner of events throughout the week.

The building went through a significant refurbishment in 2017/18 and when building their brand-new, state-of-the-art party hall in a vast basement area, they recognised that there was a significant issue. There was absolutely no mobile signal.

For security, safety and convenience it was imperative that this issue was resolved before opening. The clients were adamant that a lack of network signal would impact on their guests’ enjoyment of the space and this could potentially affect its commercial viability, so they called us in.


The Solution

Our engineers conducted a thorough survey of the building, identifying coverage dead zones and signal issue areas so we could determine the right configuration, design and location of our mobile network boosting equipment. It was decided that our commercial solution, the Cel-Fi QUATRA, would offer the best coverage for the venue and we presented our detailed proposal identifying costs, schedule and expected results, to the client.


The Results

Installation took just two days, despite the scale of the project, and the client has informed us that they, and their guests, have had perfect, crystal clear mobile network reception ever since their opening

Project Details

  • Challenge :
    Recently refurbished halls had no mobile signal
  • Solution :
    Installation of commercial grade equipment to address
  • Results :
    Crystal clear reception for all mobile networks