Luxury Apartments in City of Westminster, London

We are always proud of our work, to bring clearer, more reliable mobile reception to our clients’ homes and workplaces, but there’s always an added element of pride in a job well done when the stakes are raised.

We were recently called into a project on a luxury apartment in a Grade II listed residential building in the centre of London, overlooking Green Park. This block of eight flats was built in 1959 by Sir Denys Lasdun who is probably best known for his work on the Royal National Theatre on London’s South Bank, which of course is also Grade II listed.

Central London is renowned for its poor reception black spots due to the number and density of high-rise buildings, and the reinforced concrete structure and granite cladding of the building itself will not have helped matters.

Our client had purchased the massive three-bedroom apartment on the ground floor of the block and had almost finished a multimillion pound refurbishment of the property when they found that they had absolutely no mobile reception. This was not acceptable to them so they asked their home automation company whether there was anything they could do about this, and they recommended Network Booster.

Our survey revealed that the apartment was indeed in a particularly poor reception zone, so we had to install our equipment on the roof of this seven-storey block. The biggest challenge we faced, on this project was, however, the installation of our antennae and wiring on the inside of an apartment that had already been finished to such an incredibly high standard.

Our team are used to working with care but this was a level beyond, because even the slightest of damage could have cost a small fortune to put right at this point in the project. And, because of the additional boost that was required, we installed our heavy-duty solution, the Cel-Fi QUATRA, to specifically boost both Vodafone and O2 signals.

We clearly did a good job, because the client then asked us to provide solutions for two more apartments they own in the block, which we’ll be starting on soon, installing our Cel-Fi GO X solution.

No matter the signal issue, no matter the property, the Network Booster team are here to provide you with the solution best suited to your needs.

Project Details

  • Location : Green Park an area notorious for poor mobile signal reception
  • Challenge : Installation of equipment within a recently renovated multi-million pound apartment
  • Results : Improved reception for Vodafone and O2