Victorian refurbishment, London

While much of our work is likely to be undertaken in commercial buildings – offices, showrooms, warehouses, hotels and more – we also solve mobile signal problems for a select few clients at home as well.


We were contacted by a customer who had spent the best part of a year refurbishing an old Victorian property that they’d purchased in Stoke Newington. The building was being remodelled to comprise of four flats, each on its own floor of the building, and our client was going to be moving into the ground floor and new basement level duplex apartment.


It was only once building work was well underway that he realised that he had a poor mobile signal on the ground floor and no signal at all in the basement. This was not particularly surprising because the whole area suffers from poor mobile signal issues due to the dense concentration of buildings and the height of properties. This was extremely frustrating for him and as he knew he would need to make calls to contractors and the site manager during the rest of the build, and because he wanted a clear connection when he eventually moved in, he called us to see if there was anything we could do to help.


We undertook a thorough survey of the property, produced a written report identifying his options the very same day and started work on his new home shortly afterwards.


Our client was quite specific – he only wanted his Vodafone signal boosted within his apartment so we recommended the Cel-Fi GO X, which can boost a mobile network signal by up to 1,000 times its original strength.


As the refurbishment work was still underway we coordinated our installers with the main contractors on site and the whole job was completed in just half a day.Our technology is unobtrusive – once it’s installed you’ll hardly even know it is there, but the difference in signal quality will be significant. No more missed or dropped calls, crystal clarity, problem solved.

Project Details

  • Challenge : High density of residential buildings, and thick Victorian era walls contributed to poor signal reception
  • Solution : Installation of signal boosting equipment
  • Results : Significant signal improvement with Vodafone