A crystal-clear mobile signal throughout your home or home office.

How irritating is it to miss calls from friends, family or even work while you’re at home? They could be important, but if your mobile signal is not good enough they just won’t get through. Network Booster has the solution.

While mobile networks brag about their coverage of the UK, that does not mean your home is included. The reality is that far from those coverage zones being solid areas, they’re more like Swiss cheese, with many, many holes. Also, even if you do get a signal outside, indoors – in your kitchen, your basement, or your home office – you may still suffer from regular dropped calls, or no reception at all.

Cel-Fi GO X is our domestic solution for boosting 3G, 4G and LTE signals in your home. It’s a number of small, unobtrusive, but seriously powerful devices installed around your home to boost signal strength by up to 1,000x, ensuring that you have complete, clear mobile coverage throughout your home.

With almost a decade of domestic experience behind us, our team are adept at ensuring that our work is completed with the absolute minimum impact on the aesthetic of your home, working cleanly and making good where needed.

Approved by 200 mobile networks in 100 countries

Suitable for all 3G/4G/LTE networks for voice and data

Up to 1,000x stronger signal mobile signal indoors

No more dropped calls or crackling interference

Equipment used meets the requirements of SI 2018/399

Rapid, effective and reliable installed solutions

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