When you buy a phone or choose a mobile network for your team at work, you’ll presumably hope that these multi-billion pound companies have invested at least some of their profits into training customer service staff to be courteous and helpful, but it seems you’d be wrong on that assumption, at least in some cases.

In their annual report, Ofcom rated Vodafone and Virgin Mobile at the bottom of the pile with Vodafone customers less satisfied, on average, with the value for money they were getting and Virgin Mobile customers less satisfied, on average, with the way their complaints were being handled.

The report showed that 35 in every 1,000 Vodafone customers complained to Ofcom and 44 in every 1,000 Virgin Media customers complained to Ofcom, with only 44% of those Virgin Media customers satisfied with the way their complaints were handled.

Which? recently ran its own survey of over 6,000 members and the results were similar, with Vodafone at the bottom of the rankings.

Both the Which? survey and the Ofcom report placed giffgaff at the top of the pile, with Ofcom also singling out Tesco Mobile for praise for their customer support. Both of these companies are mobile virtual network operators (MVNOs) using the O2 network. However, as MVNOs manage their own customer support, clearly they are doing something right as individual organisations that others clearly should be learning from.

As an individual, if your mobile network lets you down it’s frustrating, but as an organisation, if your team’s mobile providers are not reliable then this could be so much worse. Today most of us run our businesses, at least partially, but in some cases wholly, via the mobile phone. Our staff are often out and about, so suppliers, clients and prospective customers need to be able to get hold of them wherever they may be – if reception is poor or the call drops part way through, or the phone is out of range, business can be lost, relationships damaged and reputations broken.

So, no matter which network you are with, or the handsets you have chosen for your team, make sure that they are never let down by reception while in your workplace by installing a mobile signal booster in your office, warehouse, store, garage, showroom or HQ to boost your signal by up to 1,000x its current strength to make sure you never miss a call.

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